Tutorial by SecMaker | YubiKey

Posted by Pernilla Walkin.

Now you can use YubiKey as a carrier of certificates.
With Net iD Enterprise and Net iD Portal you get total lifecycle management and enrolment of certificates to your YubiKey. On top of the PKI functionality, a single YubiKey supports a number of other protocols and could solve many other use cases.

Net iD Access

Posted by Pernilla Walkin.

Secure login with smart cards on tablets and smartphones
Net iD Access allows you to make business-critical information and applications available on smartphones, tablets and all other types of mobile devices. End users gain increased flexibility and the possibility of using modern communications tools to simplify their work, with no compromise to IT security. Net iD Access works just as well with web applications as with mobile apps.

Net iD Connect for Citrix

Posted by Pernilla Walkin.

Fast and secure login with smart cards to your Citrix environment

Net iD Connect for Citrix gives you much faster login with smart cards.
You can define events for insertion and removal of the card from the card reader. Net iD Connect for Citrix also solves the limitations with the single sign-on feature that earlier existed when users logged on shared computers and thin clients. The organization’s employees access business-critical information quickly, easily and securely with their smart card and PIN code.
Net iD Connect for Citrix is a lifecycle-managed component to support both current and future platforms by a unique collaboration between SecMaker and Citrix Systems.