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Release of Net iD Card Portal 4.5

Posted by SecMaker, filed under News.

SecMaker has released Net iD Card Portal v4.5.

Net iD Card Portal is an advanced web portal for convenient issuance and administration of smart cards and certificates. For information regarding new features in v4.5 see Release Notes Net iD Card Portal v4.5.

Net iD Card Portal v4 in brief:

  • Web-based smart card administration with GUIs for administrators, officers and end-users.
  • Role based authorization model integrated with directory service (for example Microsoft Active Directory).
  • Smart card activation, unlocking, revocation and restore.
  • Management of short-term cards.
  • Advanced certificate management including issuance of server certificates.
  • User interface with “smart” features to predict what administrators and end-users wish to do with a smart card.
  • Possibility to delegate authority to issue, unlock and recover smart cards via work orders.
  • End-user self-service.
  • Simplified administration of cards issued by a trusted third party.
  • Encryption of sensitive data in the database.
  • GUI for audit log reviews and signing of all log events to prevent manipulation of log entries.
  • User interface that is widely adaptable to the organization’s wishes for graphic design when it comes to logos, backgrounds, texts, fonts and placement of features.

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