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SecMaker partners with Imprivata for fast and easy Single Sign-On

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SecMaker and the U.S. company Imprivata have partnered to extend the use of Single Sign-On (SSO) with Imprivatas platform OneSign. Imprivata is a recognized leader in the healthcare sector for offering solutions for true SSO to all systems.

In Denmark five health care regions are cooperating in the IT-project Effektiv SystemAdgang or “Effective System Access”. The goal is to connect all Danish regions in to a common solution, based on Imprivata OneSign by year end 2013. Region Hovestaden (the capital region) is leading the roll-out and do already today offer its employees Single Sign-On to a virtual desktop. Healthcare staff can log in to all services and applications using one user-id and one password. By combining the SSO-solution with session roaming, employees exit and quickly restart working sessions anywhere around the hospital.

The combination Net iD, smart cards and Imprivata OneSign together offer and ideal solution for addressing challenges related to IT-security and user-friendly login for the healthcare sector.

Please contact us for more information about OneSign and our partnership with Imprivata.

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