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SecMaker presents Net iD Access

Posted by SecMaker, filed under News.

As companies and organisations are becoming increasingly mobile, the requirements to protect classified information and business critical applications on mobile devices increases. SecMaker, Scandinavia’s leading provider of qualified IT-security solutions, is now launching Net iD Access, a platform for secure login with PKI and smart cards on mobile phones and tablets.

– Sweden is at the forefront when it comes to improving IT-security with smart cards. With close to 1 million end-users SecMaker has an important role to play in terms of driving the development forward. Much thanks to Apple’s success we see an increased demand for qualfied IT-security for mobile devices. We are therefore really proud to present the first solution that supports mobile login with smart cards, explains Niklas Anderson, CEO at SecMaker.

Mobile application developer Strikersoft has developed the first application based on the Net iD Access platform. The service, which is developed for Conscriptor, makes it easy for personnell within the health-care sector to document their work on an iPad with a secure connection to to central patient care system.

– Our customer Conscriptor has shown earlier how the daily work with diagnosis can be simplified and handled more efficiently. Now we are making it even easier for the mobile workforce at hospitals and day care centres with a solution that supports mobile ways of working and at the same tima guarantees the highest security and integrity for the caretaker, says Fredrik Wångberg, CEO at Strikersoft.

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