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Simple and reliable workflows in healthcare with Citrix and Net iD

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The need to log in to a number of different systems and handle large volumes of classified and sensitive information is a persistent challenge for the healthcare sector. Long login and logout times in combination with more – and more complex – passwords make it difficult to follow safety and security policies. Requirements for maximum patient safety have to contend with increasing demands for flexibility and simplicity for healthcare workers.

SecMaker collaborates with Citrix to offer qualified solutions for simple and reliable workflows in healthcare. Together, we want to help create a flexible and user-friendly working environment for healthcare workers, while simultaneously protecting information and ensuring maximum patient safety.

A virtual working environment with thin clients lays the foundation for enhanced IT security by protecting business-critical or integrity-protected data. PKI and smart cards offer a cost-effective and user-friendly complement for identifying and authenticating the system’s end users in a consistent manner.

A number of county, municipal and private healthcare providers in the Nordic countries have already recognized the many benefits of Citrix and Net iD. Jämtland County Council, Södertälje Hospital and Helse Vest give their views on simple and reliable workflows in healthcare in our new reference folder.

You can also read more about how SecMaker addresses Security and Virtual Desktop Environments in our updated whitepaper.

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