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An unpersonalized day

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My bag is packed and as usually I grab my wallet that´s full with everything I need for the day.  I go down to the subway and pick up my travel card to get to work. I open my wallet and find ten white cards placed neatly next to each other. It’s just; which one of these cards is the travel card? I take one at a time and try which one that shall make the doors to open. By the fifth attempt they finally open.

Our office is at the tenth floor; to get up there I need to use the elevator which means another card. I just need to find it in my wallet. Again. This time I find the card at the sixth attempt.

Once at the office I need to log in to my computer. I don’t have to look for pieces of paper with my passwords on it, but I have to find the right card amongst all the white ones.  Luckily it’s the same card as in the elevator so this time I don’t need to try all the cards, I can easily use it to log in.

Then it’s time to get some lunch. And yes, even for that I need a card. I go back to my wallet and look through the unpersonalized cards.

When I’ve finished the lunch and my stomach is full, it’s time to start working again at the office. So, I need to find the card to the elevator, again.

By the end of the day it’s time to go to the gym. Once again I need to find the travel card to even get to the gym. Then at the gym I need to find the next white card, the gym card.

After I have finished training I need to get something to eat. Off to the grocery store. And now you need to keep up; I need to find both the ATM card and my bonus card from the pile of all the unpersonalized cards.

Today I feel lucky so I buy a lot. In my age, 22, I need to show ID. This time three cards needs to be found in the wallet and distinguished from the others.

A white card doesn’t tell us much. The cards can easily be mixed up when it’s impossible to see on the outside who it belongs and what it should be used for. With a personalized card I won’t have to try ten times before I find the right one among all the others. Personalized cards are an amazingly good thing; plus it’s fancier with some color in life.

Pernilla Walkin

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