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Mobile Access for secure mobile workflows

Posted by Emmelie Hardenborg, filed under News.

SecMaker, the Nordic region’s leading supplier of smart card-based security, has joined with Uppsala company Svensk e-identitet to develop the Mobile Access solution. This solution enables healthcare workers to use tablets and smartphones at work, with fully retained security.

Combining flexibility for healthcare workers with maximum patient safety is a constant challenge in the healthcare sector.Mobil Access is designed to give app developers, system suppliers and healthcare providers a common platform for secure and simple sign-on with smart cards in mobile devices.

“With Mobil Access, we want to pave the way for real mobility in healthcare,” says Jörgen Hellgren, CEO of Svensk e-identitet AB.“We can now offer a technical and commercial package solution that enables employees in the healthcare sector to log in and work completely mobile.”

Mobil Access can be used by all healthcare organizations that currently use SITHS electronic employee cards:both municipal and county organizations and privately run facilities.The service gives healthcare employees access to patient records and other healthcare applications on mobile devices, completely in compliance with the requirements for secure sign-on set by the Swedish Data Inspection Board and Patient Data Act.

“By combining SecMaker’s proven solutions for smart card-based IT security with Swedish e-identitet’s expertise in secure sign-on, we can offer a unique solution for mobile work in healthcare,” explains Niklas Anderson, CEO of SecMaker.“This results not only in improved patient security and privacy, but also simpler workdays and ultimately more time for patients and better care.”

Mobil Access is offered to care providers on a license basis and is distributed as a service via App Store, Google Play and Windows Store.All systems and applications connected centrally to Mobil Access will then be available via the mobile device.

Suppliers of applications and systems are connected to Mobil Access through SAML, Mobil Access API or Authify client.

For more information, please contact

Jonas Öholm, Solution Architect SecMaker, phone: 0702 – 53 18 73

Jörgen Hellgren, CEO Svensk e-identitet, phone: 073-430 18 18


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