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SecMaker signs partnership agreement with Fujitsu Finland

Posted by Emmelie Hardenborg, filed under News.

Johana Fujitsu,
Ronnie Johansson, SecMaker Business Area Manager Finland, and Johanna Eskola, Sales Manager Fujitsu Finland

SecMaker has entered an agreement with Fujitsu Finland for the delivery of Net iD software, support and integration services to users of Patja, Fujitsu’s web platform that combines applications, software and documents in a customized user interface.

Patja has 200 000 users in the Nordics. Security is an important component of the offer. All communication is encrypted and the users are authenticated with smart cards.

“We are very proud of the new collaboration with Fujitsu Finland,” says Ronnie Johansson, Business Area Manager at SecMaker. “It confirms that Net iD is the leading middleware for smart cards even outside our traditional home market in Sweden.”

The first project will be implemented this summer, with delivery to 1600 healthcare professionals at Carea in Kotka, Finland. Carea provides healthcare and social services in the Kymmenedalen region.

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