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Sometimes the solution is as simple as you hope

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The other week I received an email from one of our certified partners whose municipality customer had a common problem.

For a long time they have been struggling with the problem that the browser will not shut down when they removed their smart card after working in the medical system Pascal. The credentials stays active. Part of the problem was also that they still used username and password for their Citrix login…

My colleague Daniel Hällback and I visited them together with one of our partners and explained that the solution was simple. All that was needed was a support agreement and a customization.

One week later I received this email (literally) from our partner that had met with the Municipality:

I told them now on the Monday meeting. Explained that even though they hadn’t signed the agreement yet, Daniel had helped me with a few hours work and that we had fixed the problem with the Citrix environment. They will receive exactly this pre-packed in the entire Citrix environment and PC client environment. The external personnel can also receive this on their machines, and ´tadaa´ everything is secured as they want it. The support agreement have already paid off…

It got actually totally quiet in the meeting room, then ”Siths-manager” started dancing 🙂

Fun! And I have been told that there is a mysterious package from SecMaker waiting for me in XXX… May wonder what it can be?

It is wonderful when you can solve big problems with small means. As for the package to our partner, it was not the usual card readers but a bottle of wine for a change…

All the best!


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