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The long journey

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After 16 years in this industry with smart cards as carrier for efficient flow and security, we know that the goal to a complete integration may be long, but worth the journey.

I draw parallels to my 15 years as a practitioner of a variety of long-distance race; all the preparations, the planning and the challenges along the way to reach the goal. Whether it’s cycling, swimming, or running or all in the same race, you have a goal that you believe in and then all kind of problems will be solved along the way.

I recognize this within SecMaker, we often get the chance to implement smart cards to the customer’s entire business. We and the customer sees the benefits of smart cards in saved resources/reduced costs and more satisfied users.  This is the message we will continue to spread for as long as it takes. The most common alternative to smart cards are username and password; a logon that except the uncertainty takes a lot of effort to administrate.

A total integration of smart cards offer such positive elements. Not only will the users log in securely, they will also get instant access to applications without usernames and passwords. At the same time they can use the smart card for entry and print on demand, and sometimes the card can be used to activate the heater in the car park or to get a coffee in the break room.

Our offer with smart cards can be compared with fasten the seatbelts and go through the Sahara desert after careful planning and take height for future challenges. That is why we chose to support  Martin Letzter and Olof Sundström in last years desert race. They are a team with strong will and competence that would get through Tuareg Rally, a hard seven days rally through the Sahara desert.

Please contact us to find out more about how to succeed with total integration with smart cards in your business.

Andreas Mossnelid
Solution Architect, Identity and Security

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