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Training – is it really necessary?

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In today’s world, with thousands of products and solutions, trying to grasp it all can feel a bit overwhelming. But sometimes it can be a good idea to know what you’re doing. Otherwise, you could end up in a situation like this (YouTube).

Luckily, there are a lot of different courses you can take if you want to specialize in something.

I’ve taken several different certification courses myself – drowned in PowerPoint presentations by instructors reading cover to cover from thick American training books that I could have just as well read myself.

When a colleague and I decided to arrange training courses in the integration of PKI and smart cards, we started from a base of “learning by doing”. We weeded out everything that wasn’t essential and created a vibrant and very hands-on course based 100% on reality. With individual computers for each participant, the course includes constructing a full PKI environment from A to Z using our products and a Microsoft certificate server.

The course, CSSE, Certified Smart Card Security Expert, (the next session will take place the 24-27 of november in Sweden) has been a huge hit with our integration partners – our primary target group. About 120 professionals now have the skills they need to implement smart cards and finally get rid of passwords once and for all.

This spring, we’re launching two new courses. One course is targeted at architects and IT managers, and aims at showing them the best path to effective IT security based on smart cards.

With over 1 million users to date, we have received a number of requests for courses directed at IT departments managing Net iD family products, so the second course will be a user training course. Both courses will be available this spring.

Daniel Hällback
Solution Architect and Instructor

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