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Mobile charting with smart cards

Posted by Emmelie Hardenborg, filed under News.


In collaboration with Svensk e-Identitet, we offer a service-based logon solution for mobile healthcare apps that enables logon with smart cards, such as SITHS.

Svensk e-Identitet now has no less than four cutting-edge services up under the Net iD Access Server that make it possible to work mobile with SITHS cards on iPads. These services are Treserva from CGI, Magnacura from Pulsen, Pascal from Inera and the prescription tool Appva. All services are available for municipalities or institutions that are serious about making their employees mobile. More services will be connected this spring.

Jörgen Hellgren, CEO, Svensk e-Identitet: “What we’re seeing is the kick-off of a mobile revolution in health and social care. With mobile charting, it will be easier to keep records of operations and irregularities in, for example, elder care, and this brings a decisive improvement in quality.”

Net iD Access from SecMaker enables secure logon with smart cards on tablets such as iPads and Androids. Net iD Access works just as well with web applications as it does with mobile apps.

Svensk e-Identitet offers service-based logon solutions with good usability and fast and easy implementation.

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