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Release of Net iD Enterprise v6.5

Posted by Emmelie Hardenborg, filed under News.

SecMaker has released Net iD Enterprise v6.5.

The most important additions/changes functionalities in the new release are:

  • Enhanced support for configuration via GPO.
  • Parameter setting to remember last used certificate for Credential Provider
  • Support for Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 ended, due to end of support
    from Microsoft by January 12th 2016.
  • Support for Apple Bitcode (Xcode 7.X) in OS X.
  • Minor Linux installation updates.
  • Fixed signature problem for PIN2 with “Oberthur VRK IAS ECC” cards.

For more information regarding additional functionality and changes in v6.5 see Net iD Enterprise v6.5.0 Release Notes.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more specific information about the product or download the product sheet here.

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