Our history

The first cornerstone of today's security company SecMaker was established already in 1994. Today, 20 years later, we are the leading provider of smart card-based solutions in the Nordic region. We help companies, authorities and organisations to protect and secure information, systems and traffic for more than 1 million users.

In 1994 the software company NetMaker was founded. This represented the first cornerstone of what is now the security company SecMaker. NetMaker developed and supplied software-based solutions for electronic banking with Bankgirot, the Swedish bank giro enterprise, and the leading commercial banks as key business partners. The software NetMaker BgCom was in 1996, one of Sweden’s first major projects involving digital security applications based on PKI and smart cards.

We at what was then NetMaker realized that PKI and smart cards had a potential far beyond being the best option for secure payments. In the summer of 2001 we sold the electronic banking business and SecMaker was founded. SecMaker’s objective, to package our collective expertise and substantial engineering knowhow concerning security based on PKI and smart cards, is still after 16 years more relevant than ever.

We decided to develop a completely new PKI client. Based on five bold but, to us, obvious aims we wanted the new client to be:

  • modular and based on open standards to permit simple integration into all common platforms and environments
  • fully operational in a Citrix and Terminal Server environment
  • small, to permit downloading with a simple modem connection
  • easy to update and upgrade in operation, to avoid time-consuming manual adjustments and system restarts
  • capable of offering flexible support for new and old smart cards alike.

One of our first Net iD customers was Telia, the Swedish telecoms giant. When it initiated a project in February 2005 concerning its citizen ID services, it had no fewer than three PKI clients from different suppliers. The company’s goal was harmonization to one client. Net iD fitted the bill and the three competing solutions were replaced by a single, integrated solution that met every need for Telia’s e-security offering. The new solution also resulted in sharply reduced administration and reduced support costs for Telia in combination with increased userfriendliness and accessibility for the population of Sweden.

SecMaker AB has now been working in software and services in PKI and smart cards for 20 years. That make us unique in the Nordic market. By focusing on secure, easy-to-use security solutions at an optimized total cost, we have continued to grow and win the appreciation of partners and customers alike. Today, Net iD is a dominant security solution in the Swedish public sector, with nearly a million program clients installed. In other countries, too, the installation base is growing rapidly and we are the leading supplier of smart-card-based security in the Nordic countries.