Our values

SecMaker’s three fundamental values are simplicity, openness and a long-term outlook. These values serve as a guide to all our employees and the basis of how we develop our products, establish cooperation involving our solutions and collaborate with our customers.

Simplicity and userfriendliness

Our objective is to offer the market’s most reliable PKI client and the best IT security solutions for companies and organizations. Irrespective of technology, a security solution is never stronger than the acceptance it receives in the organization. We therefore focus explicitly on offering solutions that are simple and userfriendly, for decisionmakers, integrators, administrators and end users.




We develop our products and solutions on the basis of accepted standards. Our products have open, documented interfaces. This simplifies integration with various platforms and operating systems, but also other applications and services. Our solutions therefore fit in whatever set of objectives you, the customer, have at present. We also work actively to promote standardization in relevant forms in the security area.



SecMaker bases the security solutions of today on the technology of tomorrow. We contribute solutions that are easily adapted according to how organizations change and needs develop and persist over time. To succeed, we believe in long-term cooperative projects. We build relationships that last with our partners in technological development and other key players. We believe in a long-term approach in relation to our customers.