Customer cases


Ahus University Hospital

When the Akershus region in Norway began planning for a new hospital the goal was to freeing up time for care while simultaneously improving patient safety and security. The result was a smart card based security solution from Buypass, with Buypass Access Manager for electronic ID administration and Net iD software from SecMaker based on PKI.


Vaggeryd municipality

As pioneers in smart card-based security, the municipality of Vaggeryd outlined the guidelines for its security project before the idea of a Swedish standard nationwide approach was even born. Today, the municipality benefits from smart cards in combination with thin clients to increase IT security in the organization while simultaneously simplifying the workday for its mobile employees.


Södertälje Hospital

Södertälje Hospital uses SITHS electronic employee cards based on Net iD from SecMaker to improve IT security and simplify workdays for employees. Hospital staff can now easily switch between users at a workstation and move smoothly between terminals. The result? Less stress, more time to provide care and consult with patients, and more efficient IT administration.