Every day 1 million users login with Net iD

SecMaker is the Nordic region’s leading supplier of smart card based security solutions. We protect and safeguard information, systems, and data traffic for public agencies, organizations and companies. Over a million users log in securely and easily every day with Net iD and smart cards.


Secure login and more time for patients at Södertälje Hospital

Södertälje Hospital uses SITHS electronic employee cards based on Net iD from SecMaker to improve IT security and simplify workdays for employees. Hospital staff can now easily switch between users at a workstation and move smoothly between terminals. The result? Less stress, more time to provide care and consult with patients, and more efficient IT administration.


We can now easily switch between users at a workplace or move between different workplaces. The time we save is enormously important, since we can instead spend that time on our patients.

Marja-Lisa Nyman

Nurse, Södertälje hospital