Secure and easy login in healthcare

The need to log in to a number of different systems and handle vast amounts of sensitive information is a challenge today for the healthcare sector. Maximum patient safety must be combined with ease of use  for healthcare staff. Net iD and smart cards give you:

  • Easy and secure single sign-on to all systems
  • Flexible work through session roaming
  • Support for mobile devices and users


IT security as a tool for good health

Several initiatives are underway in Europe to establish a common platform for eHealth and the exchange of electronic patient information over country borders. epSOS and STORK are the major projects. A fundamental requirement is to strengthen the healthcare practitioner’s digital identity with two-factor authentication based on smart cards. This will improve patient safety and protect personal privacy.

Sweden, Norway, and Finland are at the forefront of this initiative and are all conducting national projects for improved IT security in healthcare. All three countries have chosen Net iD software for login with certificates and smart cards in the healthcare sector’s complex environment of platforms and systems. In Sweden, Inera is driving the initiatives for national eHealth. SITHS  is the smart card that identifies employees in health and social care and ensures security with login and digital signatures. Through Inera and SITHS, Net iD is integrated in the healthcare IT systems of all of Sweden’s counties and municipalities.

SecMaker contributes to improved IT security and ensures the greatest possible benefit to the user through features such as session roaming, user switching, and single sign-on. This improves the working environment for healthcare workers and increases their productivity.

Region of Jamtland Harjedalen: IT security as a tool for good health

Just as for many others in the health and social care sector, the nearly 4,000 employees of Region of Jamtland Harjedalen have jobs that are intensive and often stressful. A high level of patient safety must be combined with an adaptable  and functional working environment. Today, the Region combines smart cards and Net iD with thin clients for secure and easy login. Watch the video to see how this solution provides:

  • Improved patient safety
  • Cost savings and increased flexibility
  • Easily accessible information and more time for care
Lennart Rosenborg

By introducing electronic employee cards with strong authentication for login to the medical record system, we took a giant step forward in our initiatives to increase patient security. Today, we have an IT solution that is fully in line with the guidelines we have within the County Council, as well as being easy to use and appreciated by the staff. The implementation cost is marginal compared to the gains we’re making in time and patient security!

Lennart Rosenborg

Medical Director, Södertälje hospital

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