Simple and secure login for municipalities

SecMaker offers integrated solutions for simple and secure login in all municipal organizations. 290 Swedish municipalities already benefit from Net iD.

  • Easy and secure login 
  • Support for mobile devices and flexible work
  • Cost-effective implementation with multifunctional cards


A common platform for municipal IT security

Sweden’s municipalities are tasked with ensuring service and availability in a diverse range of organizations: from urban planning, sanitation, rescue services, and public transportation to education, eldercare, and healthcare. These diverse organizations have very different requirements for IT support. Common for all, however, is a rising need to improve IT security in an ever changing and increasingly mobile environment.

Many projects to improve security in healthcare are initiated in response to a need to improve authentication. But more and more municipalities are discovering the advantages of implementing smart card-based security on a wider front. Once routines and processes are in place, it is easy to move on to other applications. And when smart cards eliminate cumbersome password management, IT professionals  can focus on service and improved availability.

Municipality of Karlstad: A better workplace with smart cards

Karlstad Municipality uses modern IT to improve health and social care. An IT security solution with smart cards and Net iD from SecMaker reduces stress for healthcare workers and frees up time to care for patients who need attention and support. Watch the video to find out how Karlstad Municipality:

  • Improved patient safety
  • Reduced stress
  • Gained more time for patients and care recipients
Thomas Johansson

We realized early on that a combination of thin clients and smart cards is the key to both increasing IT security in the organization and simplifying the workday for our mobile employees.

Tomas Johansson

IT Manager, The Municipality of Vaggeryd

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