Secure and easy login for public agencies

Smart card-based security is a fundamental part of the infrastructure of all public agencies in Sweden, protecting security-classified information and ensuring citizen privacy.  

  • Large, substantiated installation base
  • Can be integrated into all target environments
  • Meets the Data Inspection Board’s requirements


Smart card-based IT security protects information and individuals

One thing nearly all Swedish public agencies have in common, from employment, social, and the tax authorities to customs, enforcement and prosecution authorities, is that they handle classified and important information on a daily basis. Information that absolutely must not fall into the wrong hands. The Swedish Data Inspection Board has therefore, in collaboration with the Swedish Armed Forces, designed central guidelines for IT security for public agencies. Policies and rules describe in detail how organizations must handle availability, confidentiality, and privacy.

Many public agencies recognize the need to strengthen the administration of user rights in internal IT systems and improve the handling of changes and current issues. That is why all major public agencies in Sweden now use Net iD and smart cards to improve IT security. SecMaker’s services are now a fundamental feature in the infrastructure of public agencies, thanks to our ability to tackle complex, changing needs and provide custom solutions with high availability and quality.

Swedish Employment Service: Smart cards for maximum security

When the employees at the Swedish Employment Service spoke out in protest against their Windows passwords, the decision was made to improve IT security. Today, the Employment Service uses Net iD and smart cards for easy and secure login, a robust security solution with two-factor authentication that provides: 

  • Maximum IT security
  • Decentralized card administration
  • Ease-of-use with single sign-on and multifunctional cards
  • Customer cases
    Employment Service

    High IT security and ease of use at Swedish Employment Service


IT security has been maximally improved since we introduced login with Net iD and smart cards. That ease of use came along in the bargain is something we are naturally very pleased about!

Håkan Persson

Head of IT Department at Arbetsförmedlingen

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