Secure and easy login for retailers

To maximize customer service and sales, retailers need to be able to quickly and easily access price and product information, delivery status and inventory details directly from the sales floor. Net iD and smart cards offer:

  • Secure and easy login for all store personnel
  • Single sign-on to store support systems and services
  • Measurability and follow-up at the individual level


Everyone wins with smart card-based login

Security lost when password management is poor

Retailers are in constant motion, focused on helping customers in the store. To provide correct information on products and prices, central store data systems, prescription databases, and price lists are often made available from computers right on the sales floor, protected by traditional passwords. When the tempo is high, there is a risk that several store employees might choose to share one password or leave the workstation logged in to avoid time-consuming logins and logouts. When password management is poor, store information security control is lost, along with the possibility of following up on who did what in the system.

Easy login for best customer service

When smart cards are used for login, store employees don’t have to log out and close applications when they leave the cash register. When the smart card is removed, the station is automatically closed down and all information and applications are protected from view. The next employee can immediately insert their card and log in with their personal PIN directly into all applications. Smart cards offer a win-win-win solution for retailers. Employees benefit from an easy and convenient login and can focus on offering the best customer service, while store managers gain a more productive work environment with retained security and improved management and monitoring.

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