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Being a SecMaker customer is synonymous with feeling completely safe and secure online. Would you also like to feel safe and secure? No problem. We have the right solution for you – just like we found solutions to the security challenges many other customers were facing. See how our customers tackled their security challenges and read their story.

Card and PIN code are much more secure. At the same time, the users obtain more flexible login and out with fast and mobile access to system and information.

Sverre Knutsen


We wanted to have faster log in and that's what we've got! We put the card in and enter a single code to access all the services we need in our work.

Marja-Liisa Nyman

Södertälje Hospital

SecMaker not only makes it work but makes sure it gets really good. Now I look forward to introducing the solution to all employees.

Kjell Lundblad


Akershus University Hospital

Advanced information technology would be required to free up time for care, improve patient safety and make the hospital futur...


Around 10 years ago, the Swedish Public Employment Service was still using conventional passwords – which remained unchanged y...

Region Jämtland Härjedalen

The requirement for highest patient safety was squeezed between the workload of the employees and the need for a good and effi...

Södertälje Hospital

As in many other health care units, demands for maximum patient safety were set against the wishes of the healthcare staff for...

Municipality of Vaggeryd

The municipality's IT management set two clear goals: to improve internal IT security and at the same time to facilitate the w...

Helse Vest ICT

Within Helse Vest, the IT company Helse Vest ICT is working continuously to improve IT security in healthcare. To meet the nee...