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Region Jämtland Härjedalen

Region Jämtland Härjedalen’s vision is for everybody in the county to have good health and a positive living environment. The county council’s 5,000 employees, the majority within healthcare, do not just help those who are sick, but also work preventively to ensure that people stay healthy. The region operates the central hospital in Östersund, 28 health centres and 25 dental clinics.

The challenge

The employees required better IT security

As so often within healthcare, the work is intensive and sometimes hectic. In the past it was possible that the requirement for maximum patient security could be set against the staff’s need for a beneficial and effective working environment. Pernilla Johansson, unit manager for the neurology clinic at Östersund Hospital says:

- All different services such as the medical journal system, personnel administration system, invoice portals and so on required individual log in at the start of the working day, and the staff had to actively log out when they left their workstations. However with high pressure and a lot of patients, the sessions were often left open. This meant that information could be accessed at any time by anybody. A high risk for patient security!

The solution

One card, one code

Today, together with the health centres and the dental clinics, Östersund Hospital has a new virtual IT environment. 100 virtual Citrix servers and 3,000 thin clients have been supplemented with SecMaker’s Net iD solution in order to offer secure log in with smart card for the entire IT environment. Instead of lots of passwords, every employee has a card and a personal PIN code to log in with two factor authentication to the systems and applications to which they have authorisation. The log in is much simpler and faster than in the old environment. Pernilla Johansson says:

- When I come in in the morning, I log in once with card and code and then simultaneously enter all the systems I need for the entire day’s work. It is very simple. If I need to move within the hospital, I simply remove the card and take it with me. The session closes automatically and I can be sure that nobody else will access my patient information. I am secure in that the new solution provides the highest patient security.


With time for care

The new way of working with simpler and more secure log in has rapidly become popular among the staff. Peter Lindström, nurse anaesthetist at Östersund Hospital, testifies to the benefit of the new security solution: ”It is considerably faster to log in and access patient information and other important data. In emergency situations it is simple for me to bring up what I need. It saves time that I can instead devote to giving the patients first-rate care.

Major step towards best possible care

Tomas Nesterud is IT strategist in Region Jämtland Härjedalen and the driving force behind the new security solution. He says: ”

Today all county councils in Sweden use SecMaker’s Net iD security program. We are secure with a solution that meets the SITHS standard and complies with Swedish law. An effective IT environment enables the nursing staff to develop their professionalism and in the final analysis give the patients better care. Our new security solution has laid a good foundation for the future. We are continuing to virtualise the workplace and encouraging our staff to be more mobile in their work. All with the aim of giving all patients the best possible care.

Our new infrastructure have result in cost savings, time accrued, increased flexibility and above all conditions to provide the best possible care.

Thomas Nesterud
IT strategist
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