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Södertälje Hospital

Södertälje Hospital in Stockholm County consists of 11 wards and 7 clinics with everything from emergency to specialist units for surgery, orthopedics, radiology and geriatrics. The hospital’s 175 doctors, 375 nurses and 270 assistant nurses handle over 130,000 patient visits every year.

Advanced information technology was needed to free up more time for care, improve patient security and future-proof the hospital itself.

The challenge

High demands on security – and flexibility

Like many other organizations in the healthcare sector, Södertälje Hospital struggled to balance requirements for maximum patient security with growing demands from healthcare staff for flexibility and simplicity. In a stressful work environment with a lot of patients, there was an everincreasing need to be able to quickly, easily and securely log in to a range of different systems and handle large amounts of classified and sensitive information. MarjaLiisa Nyman, Head Nurse at Södertälje Hospital, explains:

– We are always working with many different systems – all of them requiring secure login. It was both difficult and time consuming to log in to every single system separately, particularly because most of us move between different workstations and need to log in several times during an average workday. We wanted a solution that could offer easier and faster login to all services, without compromising on security.

The solution

Total solution based on electronic employee cards

Södertälje Hospital introduced the electronic employee cards back in 2010. Initially, the card was only intended to be used as a keycard by staff to access the hospital buildings. But in light of growing security challenges and requirements for easier login, hospital management chose to look closer at the opportunities the electronic cards offered through the central SITHS initiative. In 2011, the hospital was ready to take the next step toward an integrated solution for login with strong authentication in the medical record system and other important applications. The new solution combines smart electronic cards with security software Net iD Enterprise from SecMaker. Henrik Martos, a technician at Södertälje Hospital and one of the driving forces behind the project, is very satisfied with the results:

– In the IT department, we value security highly. When we were looking for a solution that provided qualified patient security, it was also important to make sure that it would really work in the organization. Today, we have both a secure system and much more satisfied users!” “And for us on the IT team, it also means that we have a solution that is easier to administer and generates far fewer support calls than before, when we worked with traditional passwords,” continues Martos


More time for care and patient contact

The new IT solution has been very positively received by healthcare staff, who appreciate that they can use the same smart card they use to pass through doors to also log in to the IT environment. Thanks to Single SignOn, every employee gets direct access to the systems they are authorized to access with their smart card and a personal PIN. With session roaming, users can quickly reconnect from any workstation to the system and immediately continue where they were when logging out.

– We wanted quicker login, and we got it! We insert our card and type in a single PIN, and get access directly to all the services we need in our work, says MarjaLiisa Nyman. When we need to move, we just take our smart card along and can easily and quickly reconnect on any workstation. Time is precious for our patients, so the time we save with this new way of working is enormously important.

One IT solution for optimal patient security

Lennart Rosenborg, Medical Director at Södertälje Hospital, gladly points out the improvements they have made, both in terms of security and time savings.

– By introducing electronic employee cards with strong authentication for login to the medical record system, we took a giant step forward in our initiatives to increase patient security. Today, we have an IT solution that is fully in line with the guidelines we have within the County Council, as well as being easy to use and appreciated by the staff. The implementation cost is marginal compared to the gains we’re making in time and patient security!

Today we can simply change user at a workplace or move between different workplaces. The time savings we make are hugely important for our patient.

Marja-Liisa Nyman
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