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Municipality of Vaggeryd

In true Småland spirit, Vaggeryd in Jönköping county has a long tradition of entrepreneurship and successful industry. The municipality was also one of the first in Sweden to introduce advanced security with smart cards and PKI.

The Municipality of Vaggeryd’s journey towards improved security commenced in 2010 when the municipal IT management defined two clear goals: to improve internal IT security at the same time as facilitating everyday work for the municipal staff.

The challenge

To help the organisation do its job

The journey towards better security started in 2010, when the municipality’s IT management set two clear goals: to improve internal IT security and simultaneously to make work easier for the municipality’s employees. Tomas Johansson, IT manager in Vaggeryd Municipality reports:

– Our remit as the IT department is to help the organisation to perform its work as simply and flexibly as possible. We realised at an early stage that a combination of thin clients and smart cards was the key to both increasing IT security and simplifying working life for our mobile employees.

As pioneers within smart card based security, Vaggeryd Municipality drew up the guidelines for its project even before the idea of a national scheme through SITHS (Secure IT within Healthcare) was born. Tomas Johansson explains:

– We started to look for a collaborative partner quite simply through Googling ”smart card”. We soon came across SecMaker as the strongest option, above all because it shared our vision of smart card based security. When the SITHS project selected the same solution a few years later, it was proof that we had taken the right track.

The solution

Easy to market

The first step in the roll-out of Vaggeryd’s security solution combined thin clients from Oracle with smart cards and the security program Net iD Enterprise from SecMaker. Since the outset in 2010, increasing numbers of employees within healthcare and the municipality’s administrative units have gained access to the new solution. Today employees with ordinary PCs (in other words, without smart clients) also use smart cards and Net iD to log in, regardless of whether they are located in the physical workplace, working from home or remotely.

– We have focused at all times on the ultimate objective, but at the same time not proceeded too hastily. My experience is that coercion does not speed up the change process but rather delays it through creating resistance in the organisation. Once we decided to market the solution and demonstrate the benefits of the new way of working, the roll-out took care of itself”, Tomas Johansson explains.


Focus on high-quality care – not IT

One group in particular has perceived the benefits of the new solution and received it positively: Vaggeryd’s nurses. All workplaces at different locations are now connected to the municipality’s central servers. The nursing staff have access to patient information and care services through thin clients wherever they are located.

Support functions in Net iD simplify working life: Single login makes the right applications and information available for each user, session transfer makes it simple to quickly change workplace, and automatic switch-off of applications protects data from unauthorised view. Fast logging in and out is highly valued in the mobile and often stressful everyday life of nurses, enabling the personnel to now focus on giving their patients excellent care.

The smart card – the connecting thread

For the employees in Vaggeryd Municipality, the smart cards have taken on an increasingly important role in working life. Besides offering secure login in all IT systems, both externally and internally, a single card functions as a graphic ID, a pass for physical entry to the municipality’s properties, and for so-called ”follow-me-printing”, where each employee personally selects where and when print-outs take place. Preconfiguration gives all employees direct access to Telia e-ID with their smart cards. The fact that the smart card is multifunctional has made a major contribution to marketing the new security solution. The employees have quickly grasped the benefits of one card for all applications.

– The new smart card based security solution has brought us a long way: both in terms of the technical solution and a new way of working. We are continuing to not move too quickly and are developing our solution step by step. We are now secure in that we have selected a platform which allows us to utilise new possibilities and thus more services as and when, Tomas Johansson sums up.

We are now secure in that we have selected a platform which allows us to utilise new possibilities and thus more services as and when.

Tomas Johansson
IT Manager
man med blå tröja tittar i mobil

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