Hem Insights Let someone help your company to reduce the chaos and stress surrounding IT security

Let someone help your company to reduce the chaos and stress surrounding IT security


Let someone help your company to reduce the chaos and stress surrounding IT security

An IT organization and its co-workers have the assignment to make sure that the IT security they are working with has to protect the valuable information of the organization which often is very crucial and of vital importance. This is indeed a very important job with great responsibility. At such positions, a company or an organization have its critical and most valuable activities lying in the hands and professionality of these key fellow workers.

The threats towards the organization in terms of cyber attacks aiming to steal the organization's existential information are becoming more and more sophisticated. The "weapons and ammunition" that the organization has to use fighting back are the competence of the IT employees. Since the IT attacks are increasing in volume, intensity and complexity the pressure and strain on IT employees is increasing greatly. The level of stress is risking to increase even more. To keep up the accurate level of IT security it would be very desirable to boost the perseverance of the IT employees by hiring more co-workers as the work load builds up. But since we all know recruitment is deeply demanding, takes time and last but not least competent IT staff is a shortage. 

Examples of what to protect and challenges for an IT organization:

  • Trade secrets
  • Products, patents and vital assets to protect against industrial espionage.
  • The IT environment must be robust enough to shield the business and the operation of the organization from intrusion.
  • Staff resources within the IT organization are far beyond an adequate dimensioning for the responsibility and value that need to be protected. Often an IT-department consists of a single or even a few individuals. They get overloaded with jobs and have not enough time. 


The stress level among IT employees increases

The cyber security company Trend Micro made a survey among employees in IT and came to the conclusion that the stress and anxiety levels among these co-workers have built up due to the daily increasing extent of alarms of threats derived from the IT infrastructure (70% Of SOC Teams Emotionally Overwhelmed By Security Alert Volume - May 25, 2021 (trendmicro.com). Owing to all the alarms about IT threats in the workplace 70% of those who responded to the survey say that their private life and well being are affected negatively by their work. The majority of all IT security work teams feel that their group becomes massively overloaded by the amount IT security alarms whilst 55% think that they are not happy at all regarding their possibility to prioritize and respond to all incoming alarms. Unfortunately, in the thick of all incoming alarms there are also a considerable amount of false alarms that needlessly attract the attention of the IT employees. 

When people are under pressure the situation will activate a natural defense mechanism. Among IT co-workers who on a daily basis work in the midst of an increment of IT incidents it results in a regular or occasional shut down of warnings that is received in their NOC (Networks Operation Center). Sometimes they abandon their work places (43%), sometimes they hope that a colleague will cover up for them (50%) or even they entirely ignore incoming alarms (40%). A stressful working day will certainly produce a negatively affected spare time for the IT employees. Their private social lives and relationships are conflicted as a consequence of a strained work situation. The sacrifice and the aftermath for the relatives escalate not to mention the purely personal price for the employee himself in terms of sense of guilt, anxiety and fatigue. In other words, typical syndrome of burnout. 

With all these negative aspects for the individual employee costs and problems certainly follow for their employers. To avoid burnout among the staff and accordingly also ultimately have to pay the price of an employee leaving for some other job opening, there is a lot to be gained in investing in processes and tools that relieve staff. Advanced aids and platforms that reduce obvious and inexplicit IT threats are well worth an investment to enhance the resistibility for organizations to withstand cyber threats but last but not least to make the staff recapture balance in life and to feel confident about getting the opportunity to put energy in adequately analyze what they are set to do. SecMaker Live iD is exactly such a platform. 

For selected parts of the IT security it is possible to find cloud based solutions

The last year or even during the time when the Corona pandemic paralyzed the whole world it has as well brought the IT security into a new or different focus. Using weak and breakable home networks in terms of IT security the organizational networks have been interconnected and linked to each other at an almost unmanageable scope for an IT organization. Working from home offices has given by hand that employees let themselves become involved in a more hazardous behavior compared to what was accepted before. For example, using unofficial and by the company unauthorized apps to manage corporate information. The security deficiencies and potential weaknesses for a hacker to explore have with an exponential growth exposed the IT employees to work in a new everyday life at work and at a cataclysmal stress level. Menaces are designed on a daily basis and are aiming towards the users as a jumping-off place to access sensitive organizational systems. People are always people. Since the technical threats are changing, dynamic and are increasing in range it does not automatically mean that the IT security is possible to improve at the same speed to face the IT menaces equally or even better just because people are always people and they possess a finite capacity to face an increased workload. If the IT co-workers fail, regardless their workload, their organization might suffer extensive financial damage and deteriorating reputation. It is a very tough and costly job for an IT team to manage and operate all the IT security products required for adequate protection.

A lot of IT departments are short-staffed in terms of dealing with all the responsibilities and tasks they are set to handle. Often the number of people working with IT is more reasonably appropriate to be a professional customer of secure IT operations. These people are able to claim and buy the right equipment and services since they are very well aware of the specific organizational needs. To purchase, license and bring in IT security products is also very difficult and time consuming but what you gain is releasing the time otherwise spent on operation and maintenance as this responsibility is transferred to an external supplier whose business concept and whole story often are being experts in a particular area in demand. Cloud based solutions and SaaS services are available to relieve short-staffed IT departments. Some companies are hesitating to outsource their IT operations and IT security as parts of the control might be lost. In the end it all comes to people since the control of secure IT operations does not have to be lost if the staff in question has the right prerequisites to be sufficiently dedicated in view of a reasonable workload and nonetheless their own drive and commitment.

There are not only the pure technical issues to take into account when it comes to run IT security on their own. Proficiency regarding which regulations are to be applied is also necessary. To establish knowledge regarding NIS, GDPR, the Swedish security act, Cloud Act and the EEC Cybersecurity Act is a very extensive and resource-intensive work. A cloud based service from a supplier gives a "ready and set" solution relieving time for the staff to do other work tasks.

The possibility to buy services delivered from the cloud gives prerequisites to apply the many layers of security that are imperatives for protecting access points, web, SaaS services and accordingly the users of a IT network to be unconcerned about access unit, application, network or geographical position. 

SecMaker Live iD, a cloud service

The average IT team in an organization spend more than half of the working day solving problems. The transparency and security in the company network start with its groundwork, in what way it is built and what tools there are to verify that the right user is legitimate and if this user has the right permissions. If the network has a solid base and foundation it will allow the IT staff to much more efficiently clarify and solve hidden problems as well as blind spots in the network . If the process of solving such problems is fast it will give more time to consider and renew the network design and all those applications that run on top of it. Also, how security works and as well how the users are authenticated in the network. With SecMaker Live iD running as a cloud service used for authentication the IT network of the organization and its security will get improved performance, less disturbances, less load and thus bigger capacity to run parallel functions. By using SecMaker Live iD your organization will get integrated with SecMaker as a partner to relieve and improve IT security work.

SecMaker provides the new service SecMaker Live iD and it provides access to everything that SecMaker has developed and learned over more than 20 years. Everything is included that is necessary to quickly start using digital identities with the strength offered by Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) to meet the cyber threats of today and the future. The cloud service SecMaker Live iD is delivered from Swedish data center with the highest possible level of security. With SecMaker Live iD socially critical IT security on a strong platform is distributed that has, since long, already been established by big companies, banks, authorities, regions and municipalities. When the ability and capacity to resist an increased threat gets too exhausted a simple and sustainable way to work with IT security is achieved through using SecMaker Live iD. 

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