SecMaker and Certezza train you in certificate and card administration


When you’re faced with a authentication project in your organisation, you can gain a great deal by training the relevant personnel in the basis, methods and tools that are generally accepted by most organisations that have been on the same journey. All too often we see organisations reinventing the wheel on their own with unnecessarily complicated processes, faults and doubts about user-friendliness. Give your project the best possible chance by investing in training for the relevant employees.

It’s no exaggeration to say that Certezza and SecMaker have the most extensive experience of training IT professionals in the field on the Swedish market. Through our partnership, technicians, persons responsible for establishing specifications, card administrators and administrative personnel now have access to the best elements of our courses. The partnership also broadens our capacity by providing experienced instructors from both companies. It allows us to offer more training opportunities and adapt content to meet the different needs surrounding decisions/requirements, technical installation and maintenance of PKI environments as well as day-to-day operation in the form of certificate and card management.

Certezza was founded as early as 1996 and is today a leading strategic advisor in IT security in both a national and a public context. At the same time, Certezza has gained a detailed technical understanding of the field and its experienced consultants enable it to guarantee comprehensive solutions covering everything from strategy to fully operational technical supply. Certezza’s consultants, in collaboration with SecMaker, have been involved in several of the largest projects in Sweden in the field of PKI and secure log-in with certificates and smart cards.

SecMaker’s highly respected partner certification, CSSE – Certified Smart Card Security Expert – is provided by us in our course venues in Nacka.

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