Come and see how Efos makes everything easier

Efos continues impose the same stringent trust requirements when issuing a digital identity. What is new is that you can now work with mobile tools easily and securely and obtain better performance.

E-identity for the public sector is Inera's and the Swedish Social Insurance Agency's new joint identification service that replaces both SITHS and MCA.

A joint platform will provide authorities, municipalities and county councils with electronic identification that meets stringent requirements. SecMaker has been entrusted with delivering software to improve and simplify identification.

That delivery involves four significant parts:

  • A client program to read and manage certificates
  • A modern interface for administration of smart cards and certificates
  • A platform for mobile work
  • Tools that make it easy for application suppliers to add support for smart cards and certificates

Inera has made the wise decision to move the launch date for Efos from 3 April to October this year. That gives users more time to prepare for something that will mean considerable adjustments for many organisations but will also, at the same time, lead to large-scale improvements.

Several of the Net iD products that make up SecMaker's contribution to Efos already have one and a half million users in the Nordic region.
You are welcome to see the progress with your own eyes.
We will be present at both Vitalis and KommITs in April.


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