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See how it works – Net iD and PaperCut

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See how it works – Net iD and PaperCut

If you want to avoid your printouts to end up in wrong hands, being forgotten in the output tray of the printer or being stuck in a print queue there are several different solutions available on the market.

The main idea with the PaperCut solution is that the user needs to authenticate himself to be able to do printouts. Often this is done through putting a smart card close to a contactless reader on the printer. The printout is sent to a print server and the user can from a number of print stations choose where he wants to do his printout.

Net iD Portal from SecMaker provides full life cycle management of smart cards. It is such cards that more and more people use for logging in to computers and systems. Most often those cards use contactless technology that admits activation of entrance control as well as printouts.

Our integration with PaperCut makes it possible for card administrators to simultaneously hand out a smart card for login and also write and store the user details in the PaperCut database in a secure way.


How does it work?

The users of the PaperCuts printout system authenticate themselves to the PaperCut Find-Me solution. The user sends a printout job to a print server with a virtual printer and its’ print queue named the Find-Me queue. The printout job waits in a Hold and Release Queue and is visible at the Release Station found beside every printer. A Release Station is configured to release print jobs to the nearest printer it is associated with and also a second printer for load balancing. Whenever at the printer the user puts his smart card on the multifunction display where a contactless card reader is built in. As the PaperCut system recognizes the MIFARE number of the user the printout is made.

The solution prevents documents to be printed out by mistake, being forgotten at the printer or even that someone by mistake takes the wrong printout. The smart cards that the users of the PaperCut system have are handed out through Net iD Portal where all needed information concerning the users is managed through the PaperCut API. It means Net iD Portal and PaperCut is a very good combination to achieve increased security at the workplace.


Only advantages with Find-Me printing

Compared to a traditional printing system there are a number of advantages using Find-Me, both for users and administrators.

  • The user does not have to bother himself about which printer queue to choose to get the printout at the closest printer. The print server will handle it automatically. For an administrator it means that no complex scripts and conditional print queues are needed to distribute printouts. Only one virtual printer needs to be implemented.
  • Beside releasing printouts there are other use cases. For example to hold print jobs until they are approved by certain selected people which for example could be useful to eventually limit expensive color printing. The network administrator does not have to handle cases from users that have lost confidential printouts. As well, there is no need to check whether forgotten printouts are left at the printer.
  • There is an additional opportunity for the user to control his chosen settings for the printout and to change these at the multifunction display of the printer. A user does not have to wait for a printout in case a printer is busy with a time-consuming print job. If the printer runs out of paper or toner the user can easily select some other printer. This will imply more redundancy and for the one administrating the printers it will mean more time to fix the problem.

Net iD Portal and PaperCut

There is already support for multi factor authentication in PaperCut and that is why SecMaker can offer the possibility to administrate cards for this purpose in Net iD Portal.

There is also a possibility to add requirements to use a PIN code at printouts. Net iD Portal and PaperCut communicate encrypted with each other over the HTTPS protocol.

To be able to hand out smart cards to the users of the PaperCut system it is required to use card readers that can handle and read the contactless value stored on the smart card. It is also possible to preregister the contactless value in Net iD Portal which then can be fetched from the database at hand out of a smart card. For this purpose, the specific SecMaker plugin is used which is designed to support the hand out process.


Blocking of cards

At block or revocation of the user’s smart card Net iD Portal in the customer environment sends a signal to the PaperCut system to remove the MIFARE number of the user from the PaperCut database.


SecMaker Live iD and PaperCut

When it comes to the integration of Secmaker Live iD with PaperCut things are starting to be really technical interesting. As SecMaker Live iD will be operated from the facilities that are in control of SecMaker there must be an opening available to connect to the customer environment. Making this possible will ensure SecMaker Live iD being able to communicate with the PaperCut system. It will enable the administrator of PaperCut and Net iD Portal at the customer to handle the required tasks needed for the users’ access to the PaperCut printout system.


SecMaker and PaperCut benefit in healthcare

SecMaker and PaperCut go hand in hand to facilitate the use of IT in healthcare. When healthcare employees have mobile assignments within the care premises it is important to save time by doing printouts at the nearest printer.

Want to know more about integration?

Do not hesitate to contact us and we will tell you more.