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Collaboration with Intel about authentication


SecMaker collaborates with Intel to create powerful hardware and user authentication

Identity theft is a growing problem for individuals and businesses around the world. Secure and easy to use solutions are therefore necessary in the prevention of hackers gaining access to usernames and passwords. Intel Identity Protection Technology (Intel® IPT) strengthens the security of the client. Intel’s collaboration with SecMaker supplements IPT with Net iD and smart cards for better identification of the person behind the client.

The aim is to give the user greater IT security – simplifying the work while increasing productivity. This collaboration will provide significant benefits in the health care sector especially.

This partnership means that Intel and SecMaker will build up their respective solutions to offer comprehensively administered, certificate-based IT security for the identification of client computers and users.

With the Intel IPT, users can be sure that the hardware is tied to the person working with sensitive information, and that no malware or middleman is used.

Net iD and smart cards reduce the need for passwords, or could replace passwords entirely.

Intel IPT is currently available for Ultrabook devices, and all computers based on the fourth generation Intel Core processors.

Johan Lidén, Intel’s Nordic Business Development Manager commented: “We welcome the partnership with SecMaker aimed at optimizing clinical workflows and help medical staff to handle the challenges of the increased safety means. Our combined solution helps security by being simple to administer and use.”

Niklas Anderson, CEO of SecMaker adds: “Our combined solution gives users access to advanced and high security without making it more difficult for the user. We are proud that Intel sees us as a global technology partner.”


Niklas Anderson
Managing Director, SecMaker AB
Phone + 46 704 92 98 84
Email: niklas.anderson@secmaker.com

Johan Lidén
Health and Life Sciences, Intel
Phone+ 46 768 88 17 66
Email: johan.m.liden@intel.com