Hem Latest news Cybercom SignPort – now with support for Net iD Access

Cybercom SignPort
– now with support for
Net iD Access


Secure login and signature with your smartphone

Cybercom has updated its SignPort service to include support for authentication and signature with
Net iD Access. This means that if your company works with SignPort, it is simple to allow your users to login and sign via a smartcard, YubiKey or smartphone.

Net iD Access has long since functioned with IdPs from PhenixID, Curity, Mobilityguard and Svensk e-identitet.
Net iD Access also features a unique plug-in for mobile authentication for Citrix Storefront.

In addition, the solution works with VMware Horizon and Microsoft Server with ADFS and Net iD MFA-adapter.

Net iD Access is part of the Net iD Software Suite, a platform for complete administration and use of digital identities and client applications for all operating systems and possible ID carriers.

SecMaker AB has been developing Net iD for almost 20 years, and the system has been adopted by 1.5 million users, primarily in the Nordic region.

For a good while now, Net iD Access has been a part of our undertaking in the EFOS (E-Identitet För Offentlig Sektor – E-identity for the public sector) service.


About SignPort

SignPort is an Authentication and Signature service from Cybercom. The signature service fulfils the requirements of the technological framework set out by DIGG (the Swedish Agency for Digital Government). It has been tested and approved by DIGG and Kammarkollegiet (the Swedish Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency). The signed documents are self-contained, and automatic reception control and validation can be performed at individual level.

Electronic signatures of this kind have to be used in the public sector, but other organisations also stand to benefit greatly from introducing them. SignPort has already been implemented at number of Swedish authorities, where it has contributed to raising the level of security and replaced millions of hard copy agreements.

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