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Faster login with Net iD for Citrix


Faster login with Net iD for Citrix

Net iD for Citrix speeds up log-in time considerably with single sign on, because user identification and start-up of the user's applications take place in the background.

Du som bygger IT-infrastruktur och inloggningslösningar till dina användare får inte glömma bort ansvaret för att optimera inloggningstiden och göra det så bekvämt och enkelt som möjligt för användaren.

If you build IT infrastructure and log-in solutions for your users, you shouldn't forget to optimise log-in time and make the user experience easy and hassle free, something we’ve done with Net iD for Citrix. All studies in this area show that there is nothing users detest more than a slow, complicated log-in procedure. A poorly built log-in solution can often lead to poor security habits as users simply neglect to log out for an easy life.

SecMaker has collaborated in many large-scale projects in which we have been able to significantly optimise users' log-in time in various ways. With Citrix's new authentication frameworks and the function extension Net iD for Citrix we speed up log-in time considerably because user identification and start-up of the user's applications take place simultaneously in the background.

With the right set-up, Net iD can now identify a user in Citrix Storefront and present applications in two seconds with certificates and smartcards. Net iD can even make sure to automatically start up a pre-selected desktop or application as soon as the identification process has been completed. This is done with the user's individual certificates and PIN codes throughout the process, while maintaining full SSO (single sign on) inside the desktop.

How does it work?

With Citrix FAS (Federated Authentication Services) and Net iD for Citrix, if you log in with a smart card, you can be fully logged in and ready for work in a desktop or application in under seven seconds. It is just as fast as a password, but there are so many more benefits.

Security, traceability, simplicity and, not least, you never have to log in to the computer you want to use for your Citrix link. It works equally well on shared computers and locked thin clients.

Want to get faster login to your Citrix environment?

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