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The new way to buy
IT security


Increased cyber risk is the new reality 

This makes data security even more important

You have every reason to step back and wonder what you can possibly do in the face of an increasingly insecure internet. What is most important, and what can your organisation reasonably accomplish before it is too late?

Trying to buy, license, implement and maintain all the IT security products required to achieve sufficient protection yourself is both difficult and costly. What is more, it can even result in your enterprise failing to meet the goals of its core business.

Technical competence is no longer enough in and of itself. A high level of bureaucratic skill is also required. It is essential to establish a solid understanding of all the regulations that are to be applied – NIS, GDPR, EU:s Cybersecurity Act to name a few.

At the same times, surveys are showing how tough it is to recruit and retain employees with the qualifications to introduce and maintain modern IT security solutions. It is therefore no longer reasonable to assume that you have the skills and capabilities you need to handle the work on your own.


Draw on each other’s strengths

Reality is forcing the development of new ways to design, purchase and run security. A great deal of work has to be devoted to protecting the identities of users and devices alike – rather than that of the data centre itself. All facts and experience make it abundantly clear that coordination and cooperation are essential if security is to achieve appropriate quality within a reasonable period and at an affordable cost.

Working independently to set up and run sufficiently strong security solutions within each separate enterprise demands huge resources and comes at a high cost. Nevertheless, many organisations are still choosing to build up and administrate their own PKI themselves, and to use a variety of resource-intensive solutions.

Additionally, if you happen to issue e-identities incorrectly, the strength of the certificates allocated is often not enough to maintain a high level of confidence that other organisations can accept. This simply results in the wheel being reinvented over and over again – and in organisations missing out on the chance to share costs and experience with others.


Security in the cloud

Relocating certain services to the cloud is now a necessity, and forms part of the new reality. Using cloud services entails allowing a third party to take over the administration of the company’s physical IT environment. Despite the fact that it entails the IT department ceding control of its systems, the operation requires that mission-critical applications and crucial data be handled according with a fixed, secure process.

Even though more and more companies are recognising the benefits of cloud-based IT environments, many others remain hesitant. The new opportunities and the flexibility on offer lead to new questions. No longer having direct control of infrastructure and applications naturally makes us more vulnerable.

Most of the issues that organisations are faced with when using cloud services can be dealt with through commercial contracts and agreements. For example, these may have to do with clarifying the legal situation regarding privacy-protected data stored in another country. Or the opportunities that exist for running the process via an overseas party. Or how to ensure that all data are backed up in a reliable manner, such that they can easily be recovered if and when necessary.

Other considerations are of a more technical nature. How can we guarantee security when we no longer have direct control of our infrastructure and applications? How can I make sure that only my users – and no-one else – can access my applications? That the right person is granted access to mission-critical information and privacy-protected personal data? That email messages reach the right recipients? Today, there is every opportunity to handle the technical security issues linked to cloud-based corporate services in a qualified manner.

The Cloud act applies a new perspective

The Clarifying Lawful Overseas Use of Data Act (Cloud Act) is an American law that was introduced in 2018. It grants American authorities greater powers to demand data from American companies, and from their overseas operations as well. As such, it grants the authorities the right to study European citizens’ data. This means that mission-critical information can be exposed to foreign legislation if it is stored on foreign cloud services – even though it may be physically stored within EU borders.

The leading cloud suppliers present a broad range of qualified and constantly updated services with a high level of redundancy. Services we can connect to with a couple of quick clicks. However, this often takes place on the provider’s terms. It does not need to be this way.


The new way to buy IT security

Our digitalised world is regulated by its own sets of rules, guidelines, security measures and codes. It is a complicated world in many respects, but simultaneously a natural part of our everyday working life and our free time. We are heavily dependent on this world, and our dependence continues to grow.

Our new SecMaker Live iD service gives you access to the full scope of what we have developed and learned over the past 20 years. It contains everything you need to make a quick and solid start on using digital identities with the robustness required to combat today’s cyber threats. All delivered from Swedish data centres operating at the highest level of security. Instead of having to devote time and effort to costly and complicated operation, you can focus on the implementation process and all the applications and systems that need securing.

The previously predominant form of delivery – whereby you built up everything yourself – is now obsolete. The modern approach is to buy complete, finished units. Having spent more than 20 years developing IT security solutions crucial to society and delivering them to major enterprises, banks, public authorities, health regions and municipalities, we have a platform that is significantly stronger than you could reasonably hope to finance and develop on your own.

When resources are running low and the threat level is rising, enterprises and organisations need a simpler way to work in an IT-secure manner from a long-term perspective – without this negatively affecting their core business. This is precisely what SecMaker Live iD delivers.

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A simpler way to work in an IT-secure manner from a long-term perspective – without this negatively affecting core business. Book a demo and we will show and tell you what we can do to help tackle the challenges facing your organisation.

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