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Net iD and YubiKey – now for iOS


SecMaker and Yubico continue working closely

At SecMaker, we now have implemented support for YubiKey 5Ci, thus expanding our joint solution with Yubico to encompass the iOS platform.

Allocation, activation, unlocking, renewal and blocking of certificates are performed via Net iD Portal, our interface for complete life-cycle management of digital identities.

The solution provides full PKI-based Multifactor Authentication (MFA) for your apps, without the need for advanced PKI development. Validation and blocking control take place in the Net iD Access Server or on the server side in your services.

The actual YubiKey login is handled through the Net iD Access Server. The Net iD Access Server verifies the user and notifies the server side of the service that the login details are correct. This opens the door to a range of different use cases that were previously impossible without including external card readers in the form of costly shells for iOS devices.


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