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Secure login in ChromeOS


Net iD for ChromeOS – official release

Net iD protects logins to computers, thin clients, smartphones, domains, online services and servers. We protect logins to Office 365 and other cloud services from all types of computers and devices.

And as a Citrix user, you can be sure of ultra-fast, secure login and smartcard roaming.

Net iD enables you to log in however suits you best, i.e. via a smartcard (SITHS or EFOS for example), a virtual smartcard, YubiKey or your smartphone.

Our Net iD client software has long been available for Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS and Android.

With Net iD for ChromeOS, we are now launching an official login solution for ChromeOS. The new solution allows users to connect to web-based services and applications that require login (TLS) with a certificate, as well as giving them the opportunity to use secure login with standard applications and platforms such as Citrix and VMWare.


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