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Net iD Portal – now with support for PaperCut


Net iD Portal supports PaperCut

The latest version of Net iD Portal features support for PaperCut.

Net iD Portal and the PaperCut “Follow-Me Print” solution allow you to use your smartcard both for logging in and for Follow-Me Print. Consolidating the administration of certificates, physical access and Follow-Me Print in Net iD Portal saves your organisation time and money. In the same workflow as you issue, block or renew login certificates for smartcards, you can correspondingly handle the wireless MIFARE coil on the card. The card administrator reads off the card serial number, which is then sent to the PaperCut database, linked to the person in question.



What is Follow-Me Print?

Follow-Me Print involves sending your printing assignments to a server rather than to a specific printer. The server then holds the assignment until you want to have it printed using the printer of your choice.

There are, of course, a wide range of reasons for using Follow-Me Print; cost-control is one, and environmental considerations are another. Above all, however, is the fact that this method minimises the risk of sensitive information falling into the wrong hands because you must actively initiate printing at the printer, and you can then take all the sheets with you without the risk of anyone else getting there first.

If it transpires that the printer you had planned to use to print the document suddenly malfunctions, or runs out of toner or paper, you can simply move to a different printer as the document will remain on the server, ready for printing. This means there is no need to return to your computer to recommence the printing process. It also eliminates concerns about documents in a queue being printed out as soon as your first choice printer is refilled with toner or paper.


PaperCut and
Net iD Portal

The solution entails a dramatic reduction in administration, because the operator can send the MIFARE information required for PaperCut in a single flow when issuing certificates. Moreover, users have no need to visit multiple locations to have multiple operators grant them access to the systems they need. Once the card has been created by one operator, it can be used directly for both computer login and Follow-Me Print.


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