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Potential security risk making you vulnerable


How to engage an organisation when you know that a company is vulnerable to a potential security risk?

Even though most IT departments have grasped the high level of vulnerability that exists with workers using user names and passwords to access systems, it can be hard to get the organisation to address the potential security risk.

When you see recent reports that almost 50% of people reuse their password and that fully 11% only use one password for all services and applications, it’s not difficult to understand that using passwords can expose an organisation to IT security risks.

Despite this, companies across the world continue to place the responsibility for this problem in the hands of their users and passwords.

However, poor security costs money.

Even though it can be difficult to calculate the exact value of a company's overall information and knowledge, it is generally agreed that the consequences of business critical information falling into the wrong hands can be catastrophic – in terms of the monetary impact of addressing the problems but also in the level of trust that customers or stakeholders may lose in a company when there is a breach in IT security.

Traditional passwords are costly in themselves. According to the Gartner Group, authentication and password issues account for more than 30% of all calls to a company's internal IT-support function.

Forrester Research estimates the costs of administering passwords to be at least SEK 1,500 per year per user. Added to the IT department's costs for administration are the business's productivity losses as users need time to log in to the IT environment not just once, but 10, 20 or 30 times over the course of a day. Instead of, for example in the healthcare sector, staff putting time into taking care of patients, a significant proportion of the working day goes on navigating a complicated IT structure to access and close different systems in a roaming environment.

Unauthorised persons who gain access to IT applications and support systems can steal and corrupt business critical information, leading to a loss of business revenue and confidence as a consequence.

Today, an increasing number of organisations are reappraising their traditional approach to using password-based IT security. The challenge lies in finding a solution that contributes to eliminating the risks and reduces the costs of managing security.

SecMaker’s Net iD offers a user-friendly and cost-effective alternative to today's passwords that will enhance productivity, secure access to business critical information and help IT security compliance across the organisation.

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