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SecMaker and Stratodesk in partnership


SecMaker and Stratodesk in partnership

Net iD for Citrix is now available on Stratodesk thin clients that run Linux. With clients in the fields of public administration, healthcare and banking, as well as customers including major businesses in North America and around the world, Stratodesk is one of the true heavyweights in the area.

Stratodesk is based in San Francisco and develops software for thin clients and virtual application deliverables. In exactly the same way as SecMaker, the company enjoys long-standing technology partnerships with players including Citrix, VMware and Imprivata. This assures quality, innovative new functions and complete integration of the latest third-party products.

Under our collaboration agreement, Stratodesk will expand its range with regard to the use of smartcards and user authentication.

“This partnership means that there’s now a secure, flexible and cost-efficient way for companies to deal with user security, at the same time as allowing users to take profiles and applications with them from one device to another,” explains Harald Wittek, Sales Director at Stratodesk Software.

Moreover, having Net iD for Citrix embedded in Stratodesk firmware means appreciably faster login times for smartcards, and makes it possible to define what happens when the card is inserted into and removed from the card reader. Employees can access critical information quickly and easily, and they can securely transfer sessions between devices using their smartcard or YubiKey and PIN code.


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Andreas Mossnelid - Head of Business Development at SecMaker

Harald Wittek - Sales Director at Stratodesk



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