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Secure access to Citrix via mobile app


Secure access to Citrix via Net iD Access

Super simple, secure log-in to your Citrix platform independent of platform and certificate carrier – mobile app, smart card, virtual smart card, hardware key such as YubiKey or a computer application. Provide your users with simple log-in to the Citrix platform.

The challenge of not exposing the organisation's IT environment to security risks is about simplicity and freedom of choice. Two-factor authentication based on certificates and PKI meets every need for strong authentication in the entire system environment.

Using a single, reliable solution gives you significantly more for your money than using several parallel solutions.

Watch how the solution works here

Now you can use your mobile for authentication with the Net iD Access app for the Citrix platform. You can start the app on your mobile phone and log in in the desktop environment, start the app from your desktop environment and log in or use the mobile phone to log in to Citrix Receiver just on the mobile phone.

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