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Send email securely with
Net iD and S/MIME


Who is reading your e-mail?

If you haven’t already, it might be time to secure your email with, e.g., Net iD and S/MIME since an unprotected computer connected to the Internet is every day subject to an enormous number of hacking attempts from harmful software that will try to take advantage of security vulnerabilities and try to crack passwords.

If your computer software has not been updated for a long time and is connected to the Internet without an activated firewall, it won't take long before attempts to infect it with viruses and malware happen.

Sniffer programs exist that place a bug on unencrypted website traffic that can then simply retrieve cookies with historic login information.

The overriding bulk of all e-mail traffic on the Internet remains unprotected.
The networks are protected in various ways, but right now an increasing number of red flags are being raised that firewalls and VPN’s are losing their capacity to protect us.

Using encryption of all e-mails as standard means that you don't have to worry about these issues. Security by design is timely.


S/MIME is a standard for encryption of e-mail. Each recipient of e-mail that is encrypted with S/MIME needs a certificate, issued by a trusted issuer such as Telia, to be able to access the content. There are a small number of issuers that can verify this type of certificate.

In a world where fake accounts and unauthorized individuals exert influence in high profile examples, at SecMaker we feel there is reason to take the issue seriously. Our clients include several organisations who have adopted an approach where they do not exchange information via e-mail, but rather first encrypt the message with S/MIME.

Manage everything in Net iD Portal

For some time we have been responsible for the management of third party certificates in our Net iD Portal product from companies including Telia. It is thus now possible for you to place the life-cycle management of your organisation's certificates in a single product.

Net iD Portal also enables you to administer the user departments' smartcards, virtual smartcards, USB tokens and mobile authentication for all systems, applications and services. It meets all needs for strong authentication and encryption in the overall system environment. Using a single, reliable solution in this way gives you significantly more for your money than using several parallel solutions.

Want to know more?

Contact our solution architect, Andreas Mossnelid and he will tell you how to send secure e-mails in your organisation.

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