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The human factor shouldn’t be a factor


Security is never stronger than the weakest link

The Swedish news programme TV4 Nyheterna recently revealed weaknesses in IT security at several Swedish authorities. In their defence, these authorities highlighted the human factor as the primary cause, rather than the technology they use. This is often the case, but an even more common cause of holes in security protection is blind confidence in written passwords.

This age-old method continues to dominate security procedures. In today’s society, however, it doesn’t provide anything close to sufficient protection.

During the spring, we commissioned a survey which revealed that nine out of ten people still use passwords as the principal login method at their workplace. This is a login method that not only fails on account of the human factor, but is also directly dependent on it – given that passwords have to be created, remembered and changed at regular intervals.

People who feel hindered by security solutions soon find shortcuts. That is why, for example, it is so difficult to create passwords that are genuinely secure, because people tend to want to be able to remember their passwords.

As is well known, no chain is stronger than its weakest link, and the written password remains the most common way to access company systems today.

SecMaker debated the issue in the 8 June edition of the magazine Ny Teknik.

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