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We are proud to support Stockholm City Mission


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To enjoy a good childhood, children must be healthy, feel secure, have access to education and feel they are playing a useful role in society.

Too many children in Stockholm are living on the borderline. Issues at school, substance abuse, unstable living conditions and families that simply do not have enough money to cover their fundamental needs are just some examples of steadily increasing problems. The Corona crisis has made things even harder for people who are already vulnerable. Everyone gains when we give them whatever help we can.

Stockholm City Mission has long been playing a crucial role in work of this kind. While we others chase money, performance gains and new customers, their operation brings together people who want to help.

The City Mission is active in a wide range of areas. Initiatives this year include Christmas holiday activities for young people, meal packs, a Christmas present store, and meeting places open to all children and young people.

According to the Swedish Fund-raising Control organisation (Svensk Insamlingskontroll), Stockholm City Mission has, on average, devoted 86 percent of its total income to its stated purpose over the past five years. Therefore, we will be supporting their important work again this year, in the hope of contributing to a better, safer Christmas for the children of Stockholm.


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Visit the Stockholm City Mission website to find out how you can help to make a difference.


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