Hem News Issuing and managing digital identities

Issuing and managing digital identities


SecMaker delivers a new administrative tool for issuing and managing digital identities

SecMaker has been entrusted with supplying a new administrative tool and client software using Net iD for the new identification service – E-identity for the public sector (Efos).

Merging the Swedish Social Insurance Agency's MCA and Inera's SITHS identification service makes it possible to achieve cost reductions through economies of scale and a common IT infrastructure for electronic authentication for Swedish public employees. This approach could provide your organization with access to a well thought-out, comprehensive toolbox that enables you to establish high-level, reliable IT security to maintain the integrity of your systems. SecMaker has many year experience in the field with regards identification and managing and issuing certificates.

Regardless of your role within IT, we have plenty of insights on how this approach can help you manage IT security at work and the smartest way to take advantage of all the new capabilities included in this Net iD toolbox. On an ongoing basis we continue to develop and enhance the products which we regularly release updates on.

When E-identitet for the public sector is launched, cards and certificates issued previously will continue to work as usual during their entire validity period (both Inera's SITHS identification service and the Swedish Social Insurance Agency's MCA will be valid). As an issuer, your work will continue as usual in the near future.