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Net iD Access for mobile login


Svensk e-identitet – a strong authentication partner for your mobile workers

The ability to test a solution on a small scale and then be able to grow is greatly valued and makes Svensk e-identitet a strong option for organisations that want to look more closely at the range of mobile authentication services on offer.

"I have never seen a real alternative to our service. Purchasing and running all the infrastructure alone would be too difficult, too expensive and too demanding". That is what Jörgen Hellgren answered when we asked how he thinks their service for authentication via mobile devices compares to the alternative of building a proprietary system.

Jörgen continues, "We can also connect to more services an infinite number of times. We will make it as easy to log in to critical target systems as it is to use a Mobile Banking ID."

Svensk e-identitet

Svensk e-identitet specialises in packaging and offering secure log-in to all kinds of websites and applications with different solutions. For the past two years, they have been running a Net iD Access node that allows you, the customer, to introduce mobile log-in for your users much quicker and much more easily.

The service is an alternative to the traditional supply of solutions of this kind. You avoid the need to install, operate and maintain the technical environment, which enables you to focus on introducing the solution quickly and allows you to gain access to the best solutions without having to invest in consultant services, large-scale projects, hardware acquisition, licences, training or support.

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