Hem News SecMaker with intel at RSA conference

SecMaker with intel at RSA conference


SecMaker together with Intel at the RSA 2017 Conference in San Francisco, USA

Over three intensive February days, we took part as an Intel technology partner at the twenty-sixth RSA Conference.

With 43,000 participants. Together we showed how companies can make their computers more secure with Intel Identity Protection Technology, Intel IPT PKI, a technology we have been collaborating on for the past three years.

For individuals and companies identity theft is a growing problem worldwide. In 2016 alone, ID hijackings rose by over 70 per cent compared to the same period in the previous year, according to statistics from the Nationellt bedrägericenter (NBC) (National Fraud Centre). Secure, easy-to-use solutions are needed in order to prevent hackers gaining access to usernames and passwords.

The partnership

The Intel and SecMaker partnership combines solutions offering fully-managed certificate-based IT security for identification of client computers and users.

With Intel Identity Protection Technology, IPT PKI the user can be sure that the hardware is linked to the person working on sensitive information and that no malicious code or man-in-the-middle computer is being used.

SecMaker demonstrated the issue and full management of certificates for Intel IPT PKI at this year's RSA Conference. The technology makes it possible to use Intel's integrated components to protect certificates for log-in. The technology also makes it possible to identify client computers on the network and put a stop to unauthorised hardware.