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SecMaker has developed Net iD Software Suite, a complete set of products for fast, easy and secure multi-factor authentication - completely without passwords. Net iD is a leading product family for life cycle management and integration of digital identities. The unique feature of Net iD is the adaptation of the underlying IT infrastructure.

Net iD Enterprise

Net iD Enterprise Integrates smartcards and certificates in all platforms, for all needs. The client software Net iD Enterprise is the most commonly used PKI middleware on the market for establishing strong Multifactor Authentication (MFA) based on certificates and PKI. Read more »

Net iD Portal

With Net iD Portal you collect your organization’s life cycle management of users’ digital identities in one and the same easy-to-use interface. In this way, Net iD Portal simplifies the work and makes it significantly more efficient. Read more »

Net iD Access

Net iD Access provides full PKI-based Multifactor Authentication to mission-critical information and applications on all types of client devices. As it supports iOS and Android, you can be sure of maintaining security levels on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets as well. Read more »

Net iD for Citrix

Net iD for Citrix means an end to long login times in your Citrix environment. The software speeds up the login process and provides a range of benefits for the user. With Net iD for Citrix, users simply need to enter a PIN code when logging in – irrespective of the authentication path chosen. Read more »



Platform independent and with support for all common carriers.



The solution is based on PKI but allows a combination of different IT security methods.



Single sign on and short login times increase employee productivity.


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With Net iD, you get a complete solution for a secure and simple login

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