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Net iD Enterprise

Integrates smartcards and certificates in all platforms and for all needs

Two-factor authentication and identity management are fundamental in assuring peace of mind in tomorrow’s IT solutions. Every day, people are dependent on their identity to be able to do their jobs, use IT and stay connected.

By implementing a simple and secure login solution, you increase the likelihood of compliance with security policies – with improved IT security as the inevitable result.

Simple, secure and fast login

The client software Net iD Enterprise is the most commonly used PKI middleware on the market for establishing strong Multifactor Authentication (MFA) based on certificates and PKI. Net iD Enterprise integrates smartcards and other certificate carriers with all types of applications and IT environments.

Simply decide which work environment you want to protect, and we will quickly help deliver an optimal solution for all operating systems: Windows macOS, Linux and Chrome OS. You can be sure of the best protection for logging into computers, domains, applications, iDP, online services and servers. We protect login to Office 365 and all other cloud services. And thanks to the Citrix platform, you can be sure of ultra-fast, secure single login and smartcard roaming.

  • Built on standard components, functions in all usual system environments
  • Platform-independent – Windows, macOS, Linux, Chrome OS
  • Support for all common smartcards and YubiKey
  • Flexibility in the choice of integration interface for applications
  • Configuration of customised flows through GPO
  • Unique function supplement provides Citrix users with fast single login and smartcard roaming.
  • Accessible in thin clients from Dell, Igel, Fujitsu, 10ZIG, etc.

Want to try it out?

We give you the tools for easy, secure and password-free login. Do you want to see how the solution works?

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How it works

Net iD Enterprise makes it simple to log in securely. By issuing a certificate to an ID carrier of their choice, users can log into applications and web-based services that require electronic identification and signature based on PKI technology.

The same ID carrier can also function as visual identification for entry into the workplace and for secure printing from printers – known as “follow-me print” or “pull print”.

We deliver bespoke Net iD Enterprise packages. Features include customised configurations, own PIN dialogue (logo) and MSI package with built-in licence key.

This ensures maximum customer benefit in utilisation, as well as a significantly more versatile roll-out of the software. With Net iD Enterprise and a smartcard, you can also switch ID to other carriers such as YubiKey and mobile authentication with Net iD Access.

More opportunities

With our large toolbox of configurable parameters, you can optimally streamline the user experience for both users and IT administrators. Being able to adjust even small details can in some cases be crucial. Read more about the possibilities in the product sheet.

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