Jämtland County Council

Region Jämtland Härjedalen - IT-säkerhet

Pernilla Johansson, Director of the Department of Neurology at Östersund Hospital, says: “We were facing a situation in which all the different services like the medical record system, the HR system, invoice portals and so on required individual login at the start of the workday. The healthcare staff had to then actively log out when they left their workstations.

On a high-pressure day with a lot of patients, this could lead to many sessions being left open. The result was that anyone could access any information, anywhere. This was a huge risk to patient security!” 


Our new infrastructure maximizes patient security, makes information more easily accessible, and simplifies the workday for our staff. This brings cost savings in the form of accrued time, increased flexibility and, most importantly, the opportunity to
give our patients the best possible care!


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