Now you can use YubiKey as a certificate holder. Net iD Enterprise and Net iD Portal allow us to carry out integrated management and issuing of certificates for YubiKey. You can then combine full PKI-based security for login to the computer with one-time codes for logging in to other target systems.

YubiKey is already being used internally by 25 of the 100 largest companies in the world, including Google and Facebook.

YubiKey supports "Universal 2nd Factor (U2F)", which is a new open standard for secure login. The technology allows a single key to be used on an unlimited number of websites for all computers, mobile phones and platforms.

The initiative has become part of the FIDO Alliance, which is backed by more than 200 companies, including Microsoft, Visa and Bank of America. Google and Dropbox are examples of organisations that have integrated support for U2F.

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