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Everyday we use our identity to undertake work, operate technology and live connected lives. Net iD Enterprise is the market’s most advanced client software for securing applications, data and the end user in all major system environments and platforms.

Net iD Enterprise manages certificates on smart cards or virtual to secure applications, data and end users in all common system environments and platforms - Windows, Mac OS and Linux. Net iD is also embedded in thin clients from Dell and Igel.

Net iD Enterprise integrates different carriers in a simple to use way with all types of applications and IT environments supporting certificate based security. We work closely with all major suppliers to regularly implement support for new variants of carriers.

Net iD Enterprise improves productivity. The human factor typically poses the biggest risk for sensitive or business-critical information falling into the wrong hands.
Implementing a simple and secure logon procedure will increase the likelihood of compliance to
IT security procedures.

Simple and secure login

  • Single sign-on with one carrier and one PIN code you´ll give end users fast and easy access to all services, applications, and information requiring certificate login.

  • Automated processes simplify daily work routines as applications can be started automatically when the user logs in, and shut down automatically when the user leaves the workstation.

  • Session roaming lets users take their carrier with them when they leave the workstation and directly resume work in the same session, with programs and documents, from another workstation.

  • Fast User Switching enables quick and easy switching between users on a local computer, with full access to data and retained security at local workstations.

  • Workstation Lock Down protects information and applications from unauthorized access by completely locking down the computer environment until a new carrier is connected and a PIN code is entered.

Effortless administration and management

Net iD Enterprise supports security managers in their work implementing new security policies and ensuring compliance.
  • Central management of configurations makes it easy to customize and manage custom configurations centrally for user groups with different needs via group policies by using Net iD GPO (Group Policies).

  • Central management of PIN policy simplifies the introduction of changes in secure policy by determining how often a PIN code should be changed, reminding when it is time to change it, and controlling what codes are permitted.

  • Central logging of events helps security managers track intrusion attempts by reporting, e.g. repeated login attempts with the wrong PIN code or use of a stolen carrier.

  • Central reset of smart cards lets the administrator erase all certificates from the carrier and reset it to its original format.

  • Adaption of user dialogs can be done via different “Providers”, e.g. Net iD Credential Provider, to simplify user dialogs and make them more intuitive.


Single sign-on with Net iD Enterprise

By combining smart card-based logging with federation in the cloud, end users can log in to all cloud-based applications with one smart card and one PIN.

The smart card and PIN are used for primary login to the cloud, where federation provides single sign-on (SSO) to all underlying services.

The solution provides full IT security in the cloud while simplifying workflows for the individual employee who does not need to log in one time for each application.

 Simplify the organisation's administration of group policies

With Net iD GPO you can easily override all Net iD product family configurations via
Microsoft Group Policy Objects.

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